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Huntington's Disease Caregiving

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This section is to link articles written by caregivers of loved ones with Huntington's Disease or those written by people with Huntington's Disease about their caregivers. 
If you'd like to share your story with others, please submit it to me at the below email address.  You can remain anonymous if you'd like, just use your first name.
Your Name
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Think about it......if you've written something you'd like to share,send it to me!
Here's a few to get you started!

The Common Bonds of Caregiving
by Suzanne Mintz
This article speaks for all caregivers and poignantly expresses the feelings each of us carry with us daily. It is something you might consider sharing with your family and friends.
Read article:
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Caregiver Grief: Dealing with Ongoing Loss
By Pat Kaufman
Illnesses that keep changing can bring grieving and re-grieving,"
"As caregivers go through the various stages of the illness with
their loved one, they may experience, variously, sadness, anger, weepiness, depression, even despair," Dr. Bernardi counsels.~~~

Although not an HD caregiver, this caregiver's article is excellent and applies to what all caregivers go through.  Good reading!
Loving Caregivers
By Louise W.
A person with HD
I admire caregivers so much for being there for us, being the warriors and volunteers and spouses; mothers, daughters, husbands, fathers or brothers, etc. Tiptoeing around us when we're miserable. Putting up with our kicking and punching in the night or midnight wandering. How can you sleep when you think someone is going to fall down the stairs at 3:00 a.m.? Not to mention that we get our memories mixed up and we're slow to shop, make decisions, or even get up.
A heart-warming true story of Michael, a young man with Juvenile Huntington's Disease, receiving special attention from Queen Elizabeth during her October 2002 visit to Canada.  Includes a very poignant message from his grandmother, Betty Ann.